DEVOTED are fourth generation Gospel singers, songwriters, ministers, and worshipers.  A family group - father, mother, daughter, and cousin.  They love the Lord and love each other.  Their music is original and Bible-based.

At four years old, Edmund Bullock had to stand on a front pew at church to be seen when he started singing with the choir and with his father and uncle's group, The Bullock Brothers.


Gisela Morgan was only two when she began singing with her identical twin sister Myrna on the island of St. Kitts in the British West Indies.

After long and prosperous careers with their families, Edmund and Gisela were united in marriage and ministry in 2006 and professionally chose the name DEVOTED, representing their relationship to God and to one another.  From the beginning they blended their individual styles, personalities, and cultural backgrounds to create a unique sound—Edmund, Southern Gospel, Baptist; Gisela, Caribbean and raised on Wesleyan hymns.


In 2016 daughter, Geneva, and cousin, Arletha, joined DEVOTED, creating the wonderful sound they now have!


DEVOTED write their own firmly Bible-based music, which they perform with power and conviction.  They are a singing and preaching Ministry.  An ordained minister, Edmund has been preaching since the age of fourteen.


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